Sunday, October 24, 2010

Triscombe DH Trip (23 Oct)

So it was wet. Very wet. I think the weather conspired to hatch a plot against us. Each time we started pushing up the fireroad or waiting for the uplift it seemed to give us another heavy rain shower. As we packed up to leave the carpark the clouds parted and presented us with a glorious autumn evening. Bah!

Regardless, a good time was had. The trails ran very differently to last time we were there in a dry and dusty May, offering up a multitude of wet roots to catch out the unwary. The uplifters enjoyed a nice warm Landrover between runs, while the pusher-uppers kept warm between runs by... pushing up. The consensus amongst those of us who pushed was that while the uplift was great, it was no means a neccessity. The riding carried on until limbs were injured, brake pads worn out and the uplift stopped.

We look forward to making a return trip soon, especially in light of Duncan's (the uplift guy) offer of free hot soup at lunchtime.

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