Friday, November 19, 2010

Gawton and Tavistock DH Trip

Five of us piled ourselves, our bikes and our kit into two cars and set off on Friday evening to spend the night in Saltash Travelodge. After arriving and not quite managing to sneak ourselves into one family room we passed the rest of the evening with a bottle of Jura and episodes of Robot Chicken.

Saturday was spent riding the 3 tracks at Gawton. The weather was dry but the tracks were wet from overnight rain. Nonetheless they hold up well in all conditions and it was great to be back riding some much steeper and more technical terrain than Lordswood.

After another overnight stay at the Travelodge (in two rooms this time) Sunday was spent riding the shorter tracks at Tavistock Woodlands. This brought the blessing of a shorter push up. We had fun sessioning and trying to cram a bit of phototaking inbetween the heavy rain showers.

I think we all agreed it was a very enjoyable trip, and we plan to arrange another (and hopefully more popular) trip back in the New Year.

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