Wednesday, November 10, 2010

UK Bike Park Winter Series Rd1

The downhill contingent of the club descended on a cold UK Bike Park for their first race of the year this past Sunday. After collecting number boards and unloading the van it was time to put the mud tyres on for those who hadn't already done so before leaving Southampton. Although it wasn't raining at the time it had rained heavily overnight and it was clear that the course was going to be very slick.

The race track started from the large start ramp and began with an energy sapping, pedally slog along the flat. It was quite depressing having to roll through what would be some nice doubles in the dry on this section. The track then continued to traverse but with bit more of a downwards direction which allowed you to carry some speed without pedaling over some nice off camber roots. A left turn pointed you straight down the hill over a double drop and firing round a right hand catch berm in to the first switchback on the track. From here it was steep, off camber and rooty in places with lots of off camber switch backs. Lots of foot out dabbing action down here from all riders trying desperately to stay up on the off camber. Out from the last switch back there was a long straight in to a long, low road gap and then a long left hand berm to rail before a sprint to the finish.

Most got 3 practice runs in and then 2 race runs. In hindsight it might have been nice to arrive a little earlier to get some more practice in.

I think all that attended had good fun despite difficult conditions and we managed to post some good times, most noticeably Nick who was fastest of the club and placed 4th in Seniors. Well done Nick! And we even had a podium in the hardtail category with Ben Craig making a valliant effort and placing 3rd.

I'm already looking forward to round 2 on the 28th Nov!

Club Results   Nick Farley - 1:37.15  4th Senior
                          Pete Irwin -  1:44.38  11th Senior
                               Bill Bye - 1:51.59  15th Senior
                       Fresher Rob -  1:55.19 17th Senior
                     Jack Lambert -  2:02.18  19th Senior
                               Wizard -   2:04.04  20th Senior
                      Dan Ringrow - 2:25.42   23rd Senior
                         Ben Craig -   3:17.22   3rd Hardtail

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