Thursday, May 10, 2012


The club held it's AGM recently, with some awards given out, plenty of drinking, the traditional funnel, and a new committee decided upon.

So, the new committee for 2012/2013 is as follows:

President: Ben Craig
Treasurer: Rowan Griffin
Secretary: Chris Tyson
DH Captain: Chris Keeble-Smith
XC Captain: Gregor Borstnar
Trip Captain: Tom Bower
Social Sec: Liddy Morrice
Webwizard: Matt Oliver (Wizard)

The awards given out on the evening were:

Most Improved Rider Overall: Ben Craig

Most Improved Rider XC: Rowan Griffin

Most Improved Rider DH: Matt Oliver (Wizard)

Longest-serving SUMBC Member Ever: Dr Jack Lambert

Best Crash: Tomos Bentley

Many thanks to the outgoing committee, who've done a great job in the year before, and everyone who turned up to vote and run for positions, we had a better turnout this year with competition for nearly all the positions, and loads of people voting.

Hopefully the new committee will do at least as good a job as the old one, and make 2012/2013 a great year!

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