Sunday, June 3, 2012

SUMBC 6X race

After the shred-fest which was today's DH World Cup round quick plans were made to execute
Operation 4X, something which has been in the pipe-line all year yet in true SUMBC fashion had been
delayed and forgotten. The majority of us, having never been to Eastleigh BMX track before were a
bit apprehensive of racing seasoned vets Fresher Luke and DJ-Chris, what with them wiping the floor
with the rest of us during qualifying.

The format that was decided upon (a weird 6X super-enduro style of racing) meant that lane choice
rested upon your previous result with qualifying results deciding the choice of lane for the first race,
then positioning from races scoring points (6 to 1) over 3 rounds. Got it? No, neither do I. But it

Racing all went super smoothly with everyone casing everything, a few inside line crashes, a few
hundred doubles, 1 or 2 more manuals and lots of skids. We were even joined for 1 round of racing
by a few other locals...who showed us up...quite a lot. Best crash goes to Luke, going down hard on
an optimistic loose inside line which he almost nailed. Best effort to Seb, having not ridden anything
like a BMX track before and on an Orange 5...and he didn't even qualify last! Finally best aggression
goes to Ant, nearly barging Chris and myself off the track as he decided he wasn't riding with enough

Congrats to DJ Chris for winning and commiserations to Wizard who slipped a pedal in our uber-
gnarly showdown for 3rd place. Having just written the results I now see I was a mong at the time
and didn't add up Seb or Lukes scores to equal 7, so they didn't have a race to decide their placing.
My bad. You're all winners in my book. Overall a tiring but great evening of racing, definitely one
that will be added to the calendar a hell of a lot more often!

Write up by Tom Bower, photos and video of the day to arrive on Facebook shortly.

Update: Video now up!

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