Sunday, March 10, 2013

Impromptu Super Duper XC Race - 9th March 2013

So what we had planned for the afternoon, a Varsity XC Race with Portsmouth, was cancelled after the Pompey lads apparently could get no further on the trains due to a derailment! Sounds like racing driver excuses to me. Either way, we had a race with just the SUMBC members that showed up.

A nice loop around Lordswood linking up a few trails, a bit of friendly competition, and a photo opportunity, these things made for a decent afternoon, even if we didn't accomplish what we'd hoped to.

Format was 4 laps, or however many you'd managed when the winner completed his 4th.

1st - Chris Keeble-Smith (4 laps)
2nd - Ben Craig (4 laps)
3rd - Steve Robert J Burnett (4 laps)
4th - Samuel F Mead (4 laps)
5th - Pascal Lally (3 + a bit laps)
6th - Rowan Griffin (1 lap)
1st Place - Mega Chris
 2nd Place - Ben Craig
 3rd Place - Smiley Steve
4th Place - Sam Mead
 5th Place - Pascal Lally
6th Place - Rowan Griffin

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